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Stadsgravenstraat 55 7511 ER Enschede
  • Lid sinds 7 februari 2019

Indian Restaurant in Enschede

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  1. Spice King India

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    Amit Zodge heeft gereageerd op een recensie van Spice King India

    Dear Customer, apologize for the inconvenience cause to you. we are working hard for efficient delivery services. If we are too late to deliver we, always offer compensation to our customers. in your case you rejected that and insist for food ( which you must aware what it would be cold after 1.50hr, sorry we cant bring electric , oven van to deliver the food).

    Reason for late delivery : Delivery partner Skid there bike due to rain, ongoing road construction work in Enschede and got slightly injured , however he mange with his colleague to deliver it to you without informing us. He was remain unavailable over phone during this time and my reception, share this feedback with you over phone call. ( Your response over phone to my Branch manager : You dont care about it, you just want your food, because you paid for it, i feel sorry for your philosophy, maturity and thinking )

    We do not accept your claim about lamb carry without meat. Our 16 euro dish consist of breads , premium quality Basmati rice and food cooked in fresh Indian spice sauce.

    We cannot harvest fresh green peas , Corn and more of such vegetables for you from farm to serve you fresh here in Netherlands with this price, better you look for 5 star restaurant for that and dont get surprise about there prices. Entire Horeca segment use almost (99% ) frozen vegetables from Mackro, sligro ,Albert heijn etc.

    Its not new , whole world knows online take way services like Thuisbezorged, Uber eats including home delivery, charge 40% of the total deal to all restaurants. still you dont trust ? I invite you over high tea to seat with my branch manager and he is happy to show you all invoices.

    Suggestions :
    1. Do not use arrogant and unprofessional business language over phone to reception, dealing with my manager, Thuisbezorged Customer care service : Even they dont feel it important to repay you , because of your behavior )
    2. For Cheaper food directly go to any restaurant and buy your food there, trust me its very cheaper than ordering at home with additional cost.

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