1. Just came back from dinner at Syriana.

    All in all my hubby and I are disappointed.

    The restaurant is in a nice location and the place looks nice however we found the food not very tasty (and we are great fans of lebanese cuisine) and quite expensive considering what you get for the money.

    The service was friendly and ok, there was a nice belly dancer for 10 minutes.

    We chose a menu for two people which serves 20 mezzes (lebanese tapas) for 50 Euros.

    Normally, lebanese Mezzes are really tasty but in this case it was simply not very good, some dishes felt not very fresh and overall the quality and quantity was subpar. They count 20 "mezzes" however most of the mezzes were served in ones. 1 falafel ball, 1 thin cigar, 1 pastry, all very small and all not at all great.

    Drinks aren't cheap either 2.5 Euros for a small glass of Spa Blauw...

    We will not come back as there are much better alternatives in Amsterdam which are much better and also not as expensive.

    • Eten & drinken 2
    • Sfeer 6
    • Service 7
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 2

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