1. We took 2 burgers. We were VERY disappointed. 1st of all we were waiting for a very long time for someone to take the order - it was quite surprising, since there were 3 people behind the counter and a 5 tables to serve. But OK, we thought it has to be worth waiting. NO IT WAS NOT. Although both burgers were looking good (but far from fantastic) they were absolutely tasteless. We could not distinguish the difference in taste, and the one that suppose to be a bit spicy was absolutely not. I think they just forgot to add harissa ...
    Summing up - you can get much better burger in many locations, for half of the price.
    It is a pity since we were really enthusiastic about this place.

    • Eten & drinken 1
    • Sfeer 7
    • Service 5
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 1
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