1. We came here last Saturday because we would like to have asian food other than chinese or thai.

    We decided to come to Saigon because of the review of this restaurant. Upon arrival, we were seated in front, just behind the front window. No radiator and it was really cold - i guess it was not double glass. After asking twice to the waitress, we were finally moved to a warmer place.

    So the evening does not begin to good. But when the food arrived, it was like 'food war' between me, husband and friends because they were all soooo good. It's lighter than Thai or Chinese but still tasty. Just the right combination.

    A bit pricey compared to other asian food. But will definitely come backkk.

    • Eten & drinken 10
    • Sfeer 7
    • Service 8
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 7

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