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    We were invited to Archeon Jefsi by a friendly couple and were very impressed by the quality of the meat and the cava! I am Greek and I was positively impressed by Archeon Jefsi. First of all I was impressed by the wine selection of the menu. We ordered the white dry wine Malagouzia from a winery in Kitros at the North of Greece (near Mt Olympus). It is a great wine at a super price! (Other restaurants charge x2 or x3 for it) I am saying so because I liked ot so much and after drinking some bottles the next day I checked online for it. It was rated among the top 10 best wines in Greece. I now have in mind to visit Archeon Jefsi next time for the great value/price ratio of their wines. In addition to the wine I was also impressed by the excellent quality of the meat plates. We ate a variety of greatly marinated good quality meats. The plate that stands out is the "Trio Haas". Loaded plates with greatly grilled meat at excellent prices! The cook grilled the meat perfectly. As an additional positive surprise I will list the atmosphere in the restaurant. The ladies who serve the food were fast, polite, always wearing their best smiles and contributed to a great night of dancing with other clients when the night took that happy direction. So, as a Greek, who knows traditional Greek cuisine, who knows from good wine and who knows of traditional Greek parties I will take the risk to say that in Archeon Jefsi I felt like partying in Greece on vacation! I definitely recommend Archeon Jefsi to everyone and I will certainly visit again!!! Yorgos :)

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    • Sfeer 10
    • Service 10
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 10
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