1. Markou Zieler

    Two weeks ago we where in Eindhoven for a holiday weekend. So we searched on the internet for a greek traditional restaurant. After a while we found papadopulos. We went there with four of us and we had a great time, nice people.

    We had a really nice diner, there was a very competitive service but wat we didn't liked was that when we asked the bill there were some extra costs for some greek ouzo that we thought there were for free because as you know in greece they are very very hospitable. We talked with one of the waiters and asked for a explanation about the extra costs for the drinks but she didn't know anything about it. So we asked for the manager but he couldn't speak to us for some reasan that we still dont know.''weard...''

    Thanks for the nice food and the service but maybe for in the future take a manager who respons to any customers question, because that was not really kindly.

    Best regards from Germany.

    M. Zieler.

    • Eten & drinken 8
    • Sfeer 9
    • Service 9
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 7

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