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  1. Sorry, this is a long story but please keep reading.
    This is the worst restaurant experience i have ever had.
    Coming from Britain, I am a bit of a conisseur of indian food and cook authentic indian food myself at home, so i do know what i am talking about.
    Pff, where do i start!
    As my guest was not too experienced in Indian cuisine i decided to choose some basic well known dishes from the menu. If a restaurant can't get these right there is no hope!
    Onion Bhaji,
    A mixed grill,
    A Lamb madras,
    'Bengal' prawn masala,
    garlic naan and raita.
    Nothing too fancy there!
    We were given papadums and 3 chutneys to begin. The 'broken' papadums were served in an old broken and dirty basket with a greasy oil covered doilly underneath, the chutneys were tasteless, watery and very small.
    The onion bhaji arrived, strangest onion bhaji i ever seen. So much red tandoori food colouring in it that it was almost purple (no food colouring necessary in a bhaji!) it was mostly deep fried chickpea flour and food colouring and not much onion, It was very small and came without Sauce €5.50! I asked for sauce and was ignored twice, finally got some when the mains were served and the bhaji was cold.
    The mains are about to arrive and the waitress quickly delivers a hotplate to keep the dishes warm which she has swiped from the table next to us without cleaning (it was covered in food debrie from our neighbours) we wiped it down ourselves and piled our own used starter plates at the end of our table, a bit like being in an all you can eat place as trying to get staff attention was impossible.
    I began with some mixed grill lamb which was impossible to cut with the butter knife that was supplied and was impossible to chew, obviously not lamb but meat from an old sheep the other meat in the mixed grill was chicken which was nice enough and succulent but both didn't taste of much to be honest and only 2 meats in a mixed grill! And not enough of it to warrant the €17.50. The lamb madras was a little more succulent although it was in no way lamb but mutton which has a very destinctive taste and the sauce was the strangest madras i have ever tasted but nice enough, we left this as we didnt like the mutton taste as we had ordered lamb and paid an extra €3.00 for it.

    The 'large Bengal' prawn masala was no such thing but just your everyday frozen north sea shrimps from the local retailer, they were not cooked in the tandoor oven before being added to the sauce as stated on the menu but simply chucked in the sauce to cook and I think we had about 10 of them all together, we paid an extra €3.50 for these large bengal prawns! The sauce was also out a jar from the local retailer and a bit heavy on the food colouring like the bhaji. I found about 4 cashew nuts and the rest was a bowl of red red sauce. Price was €21.50. These 3 dishes came with a small pan of competely tasteless and mushy frozen vegetables including that very non authentic veggie, sweetcorn! We also left the vegetables.
    None of the curries were made from whole spices, just bought in curry pastes. No authentic tastes!
    The naan bread also came in an old worn and drity basket, it was more like a stodgey flatbread and had no authentic naan taste at all, it had not risen, no yeast or yoghurt and the garlic was non existent.
    The raita (the simplest indian dish to make) was runny low fat yoghurt with sugar and a pinch of dried mint leaves which obviously were tasteless, there was no tomato or cucumber at all in it, which is clearly stated on the menu.
    When the owner came to ask how things were i complained about the lamb. He brought me a small dish of lamb pieces to try and implied that it was my fault as i had chosen the wrong dish. Huh, I mean really!
    When he returned for the verdict i told him it was exactly the same, and explained to him the difference between lamb, mutton and hoggat!
    He defended himself by trying to blame it on his supplier! Huh, I mean really!
    He proceeded to bring me yet another taster even although i said i really have had enough (at this stage my jaws were aching from chewing old leather and we were getting rather fed up of all this taking up our whole evening!) The third dish was even worse, the meat was so old and dry that it actually powdered when i chewed it, i had to spit it out.
    His reaction was that he would talk to his suppliers. I dont care, that doesnt help me! Please stop digging yourself in a bigger hole and just admit you are selling old mutton dressed as lamb man! I said, At least that made us laugh!
    He apologised again and gave us a beer on the house! I mean really!
    We were so fed up with all this we just could not eat anymore and didnt even begin to complain about the rest of the dreadful food.
    When we got the bill, we were charged for everything in total €85.05 , almost €40 each! we only had 3 small watery catering beers which cost €3.00 each so the rest of this extortionate bill was for the dreadful food we couldnt eat!
    We just couldnt be bothered anymore and didnt want to ruin our evening further by challenging this, we just paid. Were given vouchers from a lucky dip jar to get 10% off of a meal for 4 next time we go and were promised the lamb would be better then. I wont be holding my breath for that! And wont be going again for sure.
    The few waiting staff were busy enough and i appreciate it is hard work but they really do need some training and a smile here and there wouldnt go a miss, at least let the customers think you are enjoying your work. The decor is ok, nothing special but the chairs are really old and worn. We were not welcomed at the entrance to the resaurant but in the middle next to other diners tables while they we eating and finally seated next to the bar/till and toilet area at the back of the restaurant where we constantly surrounded by diners paying, going to the toilet and arriving waiting to be seated.
    We came home feeling extremely disappointed and as if we hadnt been out to eat at all with no taste of india in our mouths at all. Clothes and hair stinking of frying fat not indian spices which i really wouldnt have minded.
    All in all an extremely expensive, strange and disappointing experience.
    I certainly do not reccommend this restaurant and encourage others to try another indian restaurant in NL in the hope that they can enjoy something more authentic as indian food is really delicious when cooked properly. This place does not do it justice!

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  1. Een zeer slecht restaurant. Het eten smaakt nergens naar, vlees is droog, gamba is droog. Kun je er wel kruiden overheen gooien, maar ieder mens die verstand van eten heeft weet het. En het ergste is, de eigenaar weet het ook, maar durft wel de hoofdprijs te vragen, je bent zo 90 euri kwijt voor 2. Dit restaurant hoort niet in Zwolle, zeker niet naast alle goede restaurants die er in het centrum zijn. Bijzonder dat je bij de Fork geen recensie kunt plaatsen, daar lijkt het nu weer een prima tent.