in Haarlem

Irish Bar & Kitchen in the heart of Haarlem

  1. Authentieke pubsfeer, heerlijk gegeten, graag meer keuze in vegetarische gerechten.

    • Eten & drinken 7
    • Sfeer 10
    • Service 10
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 10

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  1. Hi bri

    Thank for your review. I'm glad you liked the place and seemed to have a good time. I've never responded to a review on any platform before but something you said made it impossible not to this time. My wife (the co-owner) is a strict vegetarian and I am a pescetarian. We tried extremely hard from when we first opened 18months ago to cater for vegetarians. This proved impossible. We had vegetarian dishes that we threw away every time. We then moved to having a vegetarian special everyday, these ranged from tofu sate to quiches to grilled veg salads to goats cheese crepes to well the list goes on and on. Yet invariably vegetarian customers would choose a salad or the veggie burger instead. It broke our hearts and cost us a small fortune to cater to vegetarians for the first 15 months so when we launched the new menu we had no choice from a business perspective but to remove the vegetarian special option and leave on the menu the veggie options that 9 out of ten chose anyway. I hope this explains why we don't (sorry can't) have more veggie options. It's not viable from our side. I won't buy pre made products with a longer shelf life to sell as fresh produce and a lack of interest was costing us dearly.

    I hope we see you again and always feel free to ask a member of staff if perhaps the Sunday roast dinner could be veggied up for you or even the chef's special. If we can accommodate a veggie we always will.

    The wolfhound