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    Don't go for lunch!

    A friend and I were curious about the recently remodeled Fratelli's. I had eaten there back when it was a simple pizzaria and hadn't been madly impressed but though the renovation might have changed things.

    In fairness, the food was very good and the decor was definitely an improvement.

    However, the service was quite bad. We were the only people in the whole restaurant for lunch, yet the server was grumpy and we had to search him out to get another drink. It surely can't be that hard with only two people in the restaurant?

    Also, the lunch menu was weird. No other word for it....weird. Lots of appetizers, expensive tuna filets, but only one pasta option, no pizza options, no sandwich options, and the dish I did want wasn't available.

    My friend got the "aubergine taart" which was scrumptious, but was a sort of side dish and couldn't have been eaten without bread (which we had to pay extra for). It wasn't really a dish in and of itself. My option was a fried cheese... once again, not really a main dish for lunch but one of the only options they had.

    I'm all for "real" Italian and hate the tyranny of the broodje for lunch in NL, but the menu seemed utterly unrealistic and unsatisfying for a lunch.

    • Eten & drinken 8
    • Sfeer 4
    • Service 2
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 5

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