1. The worst restaurant I have ever been... Really!

    First we had to wait one an hour for one salad and one pizza...

    Second the salad was a joke, we wanted to eat a Greek salad, for the price of nearly 7 € it was much too small, just a few pieces of cucumber and tomato, 7 small peaces of Feta... no bread was served with it...

    My boyfriend and me didn't want to cause any trouble, so we stayed calm and didn't complain until we've got the bill: I ordered a mixture of water and apple-juice, called "Apfelschorle" in Germany. A 0,25l glass was served to me but in the end I had to pay 4,20€ for this drink. I kindly asked why I had to pay so much for one glass, the chief answered that they had to open two bottles, that's why it's so expensive. We replied, that only the glass was served to us, she answered we had to ask for the second glass... (how could we know before, that I have to drink two glasses and ask by myself for the second part of my expensive drink? ;-) ) Further the chief was very unfriendly, no excuse, no friendly word to her customers...

    I really can' t recommend this restaurant!

    Better go elsewhere where good and enough food is served in a quick and friendly way!

    • Eten & drinken 3
    • Sfeer 3
    • Service 2
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 1
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