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    Wok Bonsai 517

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  1. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young heeft een recensie geschreven voor Wok Bonsai 517

    I went along here last week with a party of friends for a sushi night prompted by some groupon vouchers.

    On arrival it just came across as any large Chinese restaurant does, that is when I remembered it was in fact a Japanese restaurant..

    Once we were seated it took a while but we finally established what we where entitled to consume with our vouchers which turned out to be everything. I'm glad that was the case as the selection of sushi was somewhat minimal and if you were not very quick when a fresh selection was put out you got left high and dry. The reason for that is that all the food is in the form of a buffet including all the fresh ingredients for the wok.

    Some people are not keen on a buffet, but this isn't an issue as far as I am concerned if and only if the establishment is busy thus meaning the food is turning over quickly and kept fresh. A find it a great way to sample things that you wouldn't normally order.

    All the hot food was great and there was a fair selection to choose from, as I mentioned previously I was disappointed at the limited selection of sushi but could not complain about the qaulity of it at all! I should however mention I was less than impressed with the salad quality and the whole tray of frozen halved tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella cheese.

    You can't go to this kind of restaurant and not try all on offer, so next I ventured to the chilled cabinet and selected my ingredients from the vast selection of fresh Veg, Meat and seafood and turned to the chef's who cooked it to perfection adding a sauce of my choice, just great!

    Not beaten yet I investigated the desert counter which had a beautiful choice of cakes, fresh fruit, fruit salad and ice-cream oh and not to forget a great selection of toppings.

    The evening went well with drinks ordered from the table and promptly delivered by competent staff, I'll give this what I will just label as an Asian restaurant a thumbs up!

    • Eten & drinken 8
    • Sfeer 6
    • Service 7
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 8
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  2. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young heeft een recensie geschreven voor Smaakrijk

    I stopped here for lunch with two friends while on a day trip to Nijmegen, on entering we were promptly greeted and shown to a table. Our drinks order was taken and they arrived quickly, we took another minute to browse the menu, then waited... and waited until eventually we managed to wave down a waitress to take our food order. Our sandwiches arrived in reasonable time and were well presented! Mine looked fantastic, a panini halved with a generous helping of brie and grilled to golden brown. Unfortunately though this is where the pleasure ended, although the brie was nicely melted it was lacking moisture and was nearly a struggle to eat, just a little butter or some of the honey that was meant to be on it would have made it much more enjoyable! Over all it wasn't a bad experience but it certainly wasn't anything to write home about.

    • Eten & drinken 6
    • Sfeer 7
    • Service 6
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 7
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  3. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young heeft een recensie geschreven voor Luna
    Nederlands Sittard

    I stopped in here on this miserable day seeking a nice warm cup of something. I sat outside under their waterproof canopy with a gas heater warming my back.
    I was quickly approached by a waitress, this impressed me as I had just sat down alone outside without drawing any attention to myself, and expecting to go inside to place an order.
    I ordered a hot chocolate which was served within the minute topped with cream and a biscuit on the side. The waitress realising I was struggling with the menu took the time to translate a fair chunk of it into English for me so I could make a choice, I thought this was very thoughtful!
    My selection arrived very rapidly, A crusty brown bread roll topped with a generous serve of brie, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with pine nuts, I chased this with another hot chocolate. A tasty lunch at a reasonable price and with great service, my only complaint could be a slightly too crunchy bread roll...

    • Eten & drinken 8
    • Sfeer 8
    • Service 9
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 9
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  4. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young is Corina gaan volgen.
  5. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young heeft een recensie geschreven voor De Raadskelder

    An old saying springs to mind: You don't look a gift horse in the mouth... Meaning you should never judge a gift, but as this is the idea this site I guess I really should!
    I was kindly invited along by a close friend and employee of eet.nu to join them for a company dinner at this venue.
    My initial thought on entering was the table layout i.e. that of a school canteens long narrow tables. I think with a little head scratching the venue size would have allowed for a square configuration, meaning we could all see each other and make for easier conversation.
    Immediately upon arrival our jackets were kindly taken to be hung up, and drinks offered. Then shortly after some nice warm breads were brought to the table, in slightly crude but functional brown paper bags, which is the best method of keeping the moisture in bread without it sweating.
    Once the whole group had arrived a tasty and very well presented trio of tasters were served, shortly followed by probably the highlight of my meal, a quite simple but delicious combination of a pan fried fillet of salmon on a bed of rich mozzarella risotto.
    The main, a neatly presented bed of eggplant and courgette topped with a very nicely prepared cut of beef. I did enjoy the beef very much and the caramelised sauce was just divine! I did however personally find the caraway seeds sautéed with the veg to be quite over powering, but the tender beef and delicious sauce were enough to rectify my doubts.
    The crepe served for dessert was neither dull or outstanding in my book, but very enjoyable all the same with vanilla ice-cream and a rich orange/liquor topping. To finish the evening we were served a choice of tea or coffee of which I had the coffee and a nice full bodied coffee it was, and along with it a niche selection of chocolates!
    Now the dust has settled, I have to say it was a very enjoyable evening in a delightful setting, with delicious food. And as it was a set menu I feel a little harsh criticising any of the dishes, just for the reason it might not be a dish I would usually request myself! Compliments to chef, the waiter and owner who happen to be one person. I am very keen to return as a couple to sample the regular menu in the future.

    • Eten & drinken 9
    • Sfeer 7
    • Service 8
    • Prijs / kwaliteit -
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  6. Kai Young's profielfoto
    Kai Young heeft een recensie geschreven voor SOHO
    Internationaal Sittard

    On Monday past I took my friend to this well regarded restaurant for her birthday, I didn't bring this fact to the attention of the staff as I wanted to get a true feel without any special attention. I did however request a nice seat location and this was granted.
    On entering the atmosphere was very inviting, and we were immediately greeted, shown to our seats and our coats taken, this was quickly followed by some tasty nibbles to share while browsing the menu.
    We made our choices and in what seemed like an instant our starters were served on very stylish slate plates, looking past the niche crockery I was pleasantly surprised at the portion sizes for a restaurant of this nature.
    When all was said and done the quality was above average and we both immediately passed a positive comment on the piping hot plates that the mains where served on which tends to be neglected now days!
    Unfortunately though we both had the same complaint about a particular part of our meal, it may be the trendy way to do things of late or call me old fashioned if you please, but I like my carrots and even more so my onions served less the skin! This mightn't be a concern for many people, but I consider my vegetables as important as anything else on the plate and thus I was let down greatly.
    Not to end on a foul note, the over all experience was great and if she'll oblige I have no doubt we will return again for some more fine dining.

    Regards, Kai

    • Eten & drinken 7
    • Sfeer 9
    • Service 10
    • Prijs / kwaliteit 7
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