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    Dommel 18

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    We where a table of 5. Nice dinner, everything was okay. When it was time to pay, we asked if we could pay by card and split the bill and the staff said we could.
    While paying, we noticed the waitress was making a mistake and was charging us extra. We told her that, but she insisted rudely to get paid immediately and she couldn't wait for us to check the bill again. After we paid the money she asked, due to her reaction, we calculated again the bill and the receipts she gave us, and we noticed that she indeed charged us 5 euros extra. Then we politely requested them back. And what she did, was threw on our table 10 euros, without apologizing but being ironic towards us. We complained for her rudeness but she was so angry, that she called us liars and that we were trying to steel money from her. When we gave her the bill and the receipts to compare and see her mistake, she shouted on us and asked us to leave. We wouldn't miss the five euros, but some people need to have manners....

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