Patat Frite Bakkerij Graanstra en Zoon in Amsterdam



Bezorgrestaurants in de buurt van Patat Frite Bakkerij Graanstra en Zoon

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  1. Adrienne

    Rude service and extremely unsanitary conditions! I watched one of the girls working there haul out garbage to the street, and then she went back to making sandwiches without washing her hands.
    The other girl who took my order licked her fingers while she was working my order and touched my cake with the same fingers! When I told her that she just licked her fingers and touched my food, her response was "You expect me to wear gloves while I make this", and when I said "Yes, everywhere else does that", she said "Well, this is not everywhere else." She thought I was a tourist passing by that she could disrespect, but I live in Amsterdam, and I will make sure that no one I know ever goes there!

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